Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been a while...

I am so sorry I made you stare at my kid picking his nose for so long, please forgive me. Sullivan is much less interested in his nose these days and is on to bigger and better things! The first of which would be his daddy! They have discovered playtime together and are LOVING it. Sullivan is now strong enough and agile enough to climb, sit, jump, walk and ride on Daddy and Daddy is burning some serious calories in our new after work routine. I absolutley love watching my boys roll around and play. I think Daddy is enjoying being the favorite right now too.

Another one of my favorite new things is Sullivan's new "cheese" face. We used to have to chase him around for a good shot of his face and all of out photos seemed to be of the back of his head. Now that he has figured it out, he loves being in front of the camera. He went to VBS this last month at our church and the highschool girls in his classroom would snap his picture with their phones and then show him the pic. By the end of the week he was following them around, reaching in their pockets for their phones and repeating himself; "Cheese, cheese, cheese."
Now he has "Cheese!" down and we are getting great face shots! This one was obviously at dinnertime and because he is also getting really good with his fork and his "pooooon" (spoon) he is making impressive messes too!

This one is one of my favorites this month. Sullivan has taken to the slide pretty well and is almost ready to do it on his own. He still has a hard time with the sitting down before you slide down part. He is becoming so brave and adventurous. YIKES!

This one is just plain silly. My little guy is so quirky (just like me) and makes me laugh almost every single day. For some reason he has taken to sitting on the air vents when the airconditioner is on. It is summer and I am sure it feels good but everytime he hears the air come on he makes a bee line for the vent and I can't help it, it really cracks me up. Esspecially when he gives me this look. It seems to say, "What, why aren't you sitting on the vent?"

Sullivan turned 18 months this last month and I have no idea where the last year and a half has gone. Among all of his other new talents he is perfecting he is talking up a storm. Some of the words or phrases he has under his belt so far are; Names of the people he is familiar with, mommy & daddy, Nana & Nanu, Papa, Zia (what he calls my sister, italian for Aunt), Bear (our friend Todd), Chad, Max(Chad's dog), Nummy & Doggie(his faithful companions) and of course ME, which he always says in the form of a question with both hands pressed to his chest. Other stuff; No, no, no. Stop it mommy, which sounds more like a little italian kid saying "stahppi mahmi". Bite please. Please, thanks, more, shoes, night night, water, go, door, swim, uppie, poopie, pee pee (obvious faves), seat, Lightening (McQueen ofcourse, not the act of God), book, banana, spoon, bowl, uh oh, downstairs. I have probably forgotten a few but this is the gist.
His is opinionated, knows what he wants to do and when he wants to do it. Has mastered throwing a fit, saying sorry, and melting his mommies heart.

I love this kid and being his mom!
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