Sunday, May 9, 2010

Whoo do ya love?

Got up this morning and was greeted by my sweet baby boy, "Happy day Mama! Happy day!"
He informed me very excitedly that Daddy had a present for me. It was this sweet necklace engraved with my sweet babies' names and the name of my true love.
I am one very blessed mama!

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T Heap said...

Good job, Tyson!!
I saw this necklace on the website. I'm hinting at this for Justin next year :)

All Things Family For Us said...

good job Tyson! Happy belated Mother's Day Trace! Love ya!

All Things Family For Us said...

love it! So glad he got it for you! Happy late Mother's Day!

J. Dormer said...

Beautiful! Where did he get it? I'd love one.